session musician / composer / multi-instrument-experimenter / improviser


Hi there! I am Tseroeja, and I make all kinds of music, ranging from pop to jazzy fusion to experimental to classical in unconventional settings. My main instruments are the viola and the violin.

I studied Music Production and Performance at the HKU and received my Bachelor's degree with honours in 2015. Additionally, I followed courses in the fields of Musicology (at the UvA) and Philosophy (at the VU).
I have played the violin since I was six years old. From age 12 to 18 I was in a talent program set up by Jaap van Zweden at the Conservatory of Enschede.

I am a session musician, and have recorded for artists like David Guetta, Céline Dion, Mr. Probz, Martin Garrix, Ne-Yo, David Garrett, Angelo Boltini, Charlie Puth, the Black Eyed Peas, Lucas Laufen, Geronimo Snijtsheuvel, Armin van Buuren, Luuk Linders, Jem Bosatta, Linus Cuno, Molino and Moylan. I record in bigger studios with ensembles as well as solo in home studios.

I have toured with the Ricciotti ensemble, the Street Orchestra of London, Nescio Ensemble, Ensemble Ambidexter and the Olympic Orchestra. I love doing wicked performances!

I play electric 5-string violin and sing a lil' in the rock'n'roll band SQUIBBERS.

I compose, arrange and produce and experiment with sound and light.





E-mail: contact [at] tseroeja [dot] com
KvK: 68162138